Astra J VXR Tuning

The Astra J MK6 VXR is the latest addition to the Vauxhall Astra VXR range using the new GM 2.0L Turbo A20NFT engine. This engine uses direct fuel injection system and some of the latest technology meaning from the factory they we’re released with 276bhp and 295lbft. When tuned correctly these cars can see huge mid range gains in torque and good gains in bhp too. So far, we can tune the Astra J’s to three different power levels…

Up to 310bhp / 360lbft (Stock car, No modifications required)

Up to 330bhp / 380lbft (Precat decat, Air intake)

Up to 340bhp / 400lbft (Full exhaust with decat’s / Sports cats, Air intake and front mount intercooler)

From stage 2 upwards we try to keep the torque to around 400lbft. This is the safe limit for these and pushing much past this will likely result in problems in the longevity of the engines standard internals. When tuning these engines, we try to aim for smooth delivery instead of chasing numbers. The mid range torque makes these cars extremely driveable in any gear on the road.
We also have the option of switchable mapping via the Sport / VXR buttons if wanted. This is totally free of charge at the time of tuning and we will try and retain almost stock power in normal mode, with the tuned power available in Sport and VXR modes. All the tuning on these is carried out via the OBD port, ECU Removal is not required.
We offer fully custom remapping on these, meaning that the above is a guideline only. We use a base map and then dial it in to your vehicle whether we are rolling road tuning or coming out for our mobile service

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