Bench Remapping / Tuning

This form of tuning is a little bit more involved than the usual OBD Form as the ECU (Engine Control Unit) needs to be removed from the vehicle. Once the ECU is safely removed there is a glue that keeps the ECU’s case water tight. We then cut around this whilst carefully opening the ECU to reveal the main board with all the processers and chips etc. Bench tuning has been around for some time now, but the later ECU’s have what’s known as a Tricore processor (explained later).

Bench tuning is relatively simple and in most cases the ECU can be programmed over the OBD socket but is usually removed for other reasons. Sometimes you cannot access the full map data area over the OBD socket, The ECU has failed and needs to be cloned for replacement. Customers also can remove their ECU and post them to tuning companies, so the only option is to program them on the bench. We have full mobile facilities to safely remove your ECU and carry out bench tuning at your home or place of work. We also keep you fully informed. If your ECU needs to be removed, we will let you know when you contact us.

The next form of tuning on the bench is known as Tricore tuning / remapping. From early 2009 vehicle manufactures started to introduce ECU’s with the Tricore processor. The Infineon Tricore processor is a 32bit microcontroller which basically runs your vehicle and processes all the information from the sensors and then controls components like injectors, spark plugs etc. These ECU’s are more commonly known as MED17 / EDC17. MED ECU’s are used in Petrol’s and EDC ECU’s are used in Diesels. There are many variants of these ECU’s. For example, an Astra 2.0 CDTi 2012 uses an EDC17C59. A VW Transporter 2011 2.0 TDi uses EDC17CP14. The 2013 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost uses MED17.0.

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