BMW 535D Gearbox Tuning in Romford, Essex.


This vehicle was already tuned by us some time ago now. As soon as the customer knew we offered XHP Flash they asked if we could do it.

We tuned this to Stage 3 which did the following:

The Stage 3 calibration raises the bar in every aspect. In D mode only slightly firmer to the Stage 2 Cal, a switch to S or M mode transforms your transmission.

Shift times are cut to a minimum and sacrifice shift comfort in favour of pure speed. On downshifts you will experience rev-matching for the first time in Diesel BMWs.

Rev-Limiters are removed in every gear, to put the driver in total control. The Race cal offers a true Manual mode for the first time in non BMW – M vehicles. Torque Limiters are upped to 1000 Nm, to leave room for advanced engine tuning. If you drift your vehicle, visit race tracks, or just love being in control, this is the map of choice.

SM Tuning
BMW XHP Flash Gearbox Tuning

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