BMW M140i Gearbox Tuning.


The customer asked us to tune the gearbox on this M140i. We used XHP Flash to apply their stage 3. This improved the car no end and benefited from the following:

– Added Gear Display in D-Mode
– Removed Torque Limiters.
– Raised Line-Pressure mapping for high-input torque
– Less Torque Reduction during Sport+ shifting. Less boost loss under WOT
– Reconfigured DEC Logic, with similar logic as in M-Cars (access to more shifting-modes)
– Faster & harder shifting in M/Sport+, absolutely instant paddle response
– Very Strong blips on downshifts in M/Sport+ and S/Sport+
– Improved, more spontaneous Double-Downshifts (for example from 6th to 3rd gear or even 8th to 2nd gear)
– Automatic Shift-Mode upscaling under WOT (Trans chooses fastest shift mode on full throttle)
– Recalibrated Shift-Points in D Mode to improve throttle response
– No automatic upshifting in M/Sport+ setting
– DTC and DSC OFF activate the fastest shifting mode
– Launch Control improved
– Retains full ECO – Mode functionality including Coasting

SM Tuning
XHP Flash Gearbox Tuning
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