I hope everyone is keeping well and trying to shield themselves from the current pandemic as best as possible. I have been reading stories online and some people are so badly affected by this illness. Even some people who are very fit and well. I read a story last night of a runner who just did a half marathon. Then got hit with COVID-19 and felt like he couldn’t even get off of the sofa. Another one today of a doctor. 36 who was very fit and healthy. He was sofa bound and just slept all day. It really is a strong virus! In the speech today from the prime minister he is closing more and more facilities to try and curb the spread. A hospital in London has declared a critical incident after all of it’s beds in intensive care were overrun with COVID-19 patients. 

With the above in mind It is with heavy heart that I have to postpone all jobs as of today’s date until further notice. I understand this is going to lead to a lot of questions which will need answering so I’m going to do my best to answer most of them here. Please message if you have other questions or concerns. The main reason I’m doing this, is to protect myself, my family, my high risk partner and to do my bit to stop the spread of the virus. 

Before I go ahead with that. I think the next 1-3+ months are going to bring some challenges in life which no one ever thought they would have to experience.  Firstly I think we all need to take a bow and say a big thank you to our NHS staff. The uphill struggle they have coming to them is going to be like nothing they have ever experienced. There are already stories from workers saying they are run off of their feet and the peak of this hasn’t even begun. You guys have my upmost respect. We will all be forever indebted to you after this. 

My partner has had a phone call already from her respiratory specialist canceling her appointment as all the consultants are needed at the local hospital to deal with COVID-19.  This is why its so imperative that we follow the advice given to all of us from the government. If not for your own sake, or the sake of the older / higher risk people who might catch it from you. Think of the NHS staff above. 

In regards to your booking: We are going to offer some options. As we are all in this together. We are going to try and ease the burden.

  1.  We can offer a full refund of your booking fee no questions asked. Just let us know and we can get this arranged. 
  2. The second option we have is to direct you in to one of our dealers who are still open / working. We have mobile and fixed dealers if needed.
  3. The third option we have is an incentive to help us all out in the hard times. If you wish to keep your booking with us for when this all blows over we can offer 25% off of the price of your mapping. This means if your current price from us for example was £295 and you have paid a £50 booking fee. You would only have around £170 left to pay when the booking finally came around instead of the current £245. 

The above are the 3 main options. We are looking into other avenues constantly in an effort to offer more and more ways we can help people moving forward. Just like every other business that is currently out there we are having to adapt and bend the ways we work to keep things moving. 

During this period where we are not working, we will still be active on social media and keep regular email contact to let you know we are still around. Once this does all blow over we have some great incentives for everyone and some rewards for people who deserve the most. We will be reviewing the current pandemic situation on a weekly basis. As soon as we can get back to tuning we will be working double time (7 day weeks if needed) to catch up.

We will leave you all with some wise words from our prime minster – “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives!”


Welcome to our first email newsletter we are sending out. This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time now. Due to recent events outlined above we have been forced to find the time to get this setup and get some information out to everyone. We were also hoping to send out our first email on a more positive note, sadly this isn’t the case. 

The Coronavirus is causing complete havoc for people all over the world. Its a global pandemic. Many businesses are going to fall to this cruel illness (Not to mention the sad loss of life too). People are slowly going into isolation, losing their jobs etc. This means money is going to be tight for people and the coming months are going to bring challenges to everyone’s household which they might not have experienced in decades. 

Our plan was always to operate as normal within the circumstances and continue tuning unless we were forced otherwise. This moment may have come already. There is talk of London being on a “lockdown” to contain the virus and stop it spreading too fast. This could all be hearsay but, If this happens, we will end up in this and may not be able to leave our home. To add to this. my partner is currently in the high risk category due to being immune suppressed and currently on high dose steroids and I cannot risk bringing it back to her.

We are going to make a decision on the best way forward for us within the coming days. Please keep an eye on your emails and our social media. If you are booked in with us currently, please feel free to ask any questions. Also if you are booked in with us and you / we have to rearrange for any reason relating to the Coronavirus you will NOT lose your booking fee

Tuning for us is a passion and something that we have done for many years now. We may have to take a break during the most extreme periods of this virus but we will not give up and roll over! As most others have said publicly, this virus will NOT BEAT US! We must all work together and do our bit to stop the spread.

Finally on a different note. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us anymore. Please click unsubscribe below and we will remove you from our mailing list.


As everyone will have seen in the news the virus is spreading extremely fast and the numbers are rising each and every day. Everyone needs to play their part in trying to help contain it, we are no different in this. We are setting out some small and simple guidelines.

Firstly if you or anyone you have come into contact with has the Coronavirus, Please do not continue your booking with us. We can happily rearrange at no loss of booking fee when you are better and no longer a risk. You need to follow the NHS for advise on what to do next.

Secondly, shaking hands on arrival is something we like to do. Please do not be offended if we do not do this. We are just following current guidelines and trying to do our bit.

Finally, we may wear gloves from start to finish of your job. This is needed to stop us getting our hands dirty whilst doing health checks etc. But we may also use them to try stop the spread of any bad bacteria.

SM Tuning.

NHS Information: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Public Health England: https://www.gov.uk/…/…/coronavirus-covid-19-list-of-guidance

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