Corsa E VXR Tuning

The Corsa E VXR is the latest version of the Vauxhall Corsa range to hit the roads following on from the Corsa D. The Corsa E uses the B16LET engine which is largely based on the older Z/A/B16 engines in the previous D model. The E has some changes over the Corsa D. The new GM based E uses the new Delco E83 ECU similar to that in the Astra J VXR. We currently offer 3 levels of tuning for the Corsa E VXR As follows:
Up to 220BHP / 220LBFT. (Stock car, no modifications required)
Up to 230BHP / 240LBFT (High flow air filter with larger 80MM MAF, Full high flow exhaust system)
Up to 245BHP / 250LBFT (High flow air filter with larger 80MM MAF, Full high flow exhaust system, Front mount intercooler)
The stock MAF becomes a limitation on these Corsa E VXR’s at around 220BHP. From Stage 2 upwards this needs to be increased to a larger 80MM MAF. The injectors on these are already uprated from the factory to a bigger unit so can be tuned without the need to upgrade. These engines do still suffer with piston failure and as such we will always do a health check before tuning.
All the tuning on these is carried out via the OBD port, ECU Removal is not required.
We offer fully custom remapping on these, meaning that the above is a guideline only. We use a base map and then dial it in to your vehicle whether we are rolling road tuning or coming out for our mobile service.

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