DSG Gearbox Tuning

DSG Gearbox Tuning

DSG Gearboxes are one of the most well-known auto/manual boxes in the motor industry today. DSG stands for Direct Shift Gearbox. The DSG box is a multi-shaft automatic gearbox that is electronically controlled by a dual clutch setup. Some of the first dual clutch transmissions were designed back in the 1980’s!
Just like tuning your engine’s ECU, we can also tune your DSG gearbox, upgrade your car and give you much more driving pleasure. Is DSG Remapping worth it? Most certainly.


Higher Torque Limits

Sometimes when tuning your vehicle, the DSG gearbox can intervene and stop the engine from delivering its full tuned power. One of the benefits of our DSG tuning? we can increase these limits to go in sync with what the engine is producing.

Faster Gear Changes

We can increase the speed at which the DSG box changes from one gear to the next. This vastly improves acceleration and allows for a much smoother drive. You can also benefit from faster paddle response times, faster 0 to 60MPH times and reduced lag.

Raised RPM Limits & Gear Change RPM’s

The gearbox is programmed to change up or down based on what your current engine speed and throttle position is. Tuning your engine ECU may raise the engine limiter, but the gearbox might still change at a lower RPM. We can adjust this meaning the gearbox no longer becomes a restriction.

Launch Control

Certain makes and models of DSG gearbox will be setup to allow for the activation of launch control. Part of remapping your gearbox we can activate this (certain models only).

Full Manual Mode

DSG does an amazing job of changing gear extremely fast. Sometimes you just want to go back to a full manual mode and decide when to change gear yourself. DSG, from factory will not allow this and even in manual mode will still try to change gear at a certain point. We can fix this. Part of remapping your gearbox, we can make manual drive like a true manual. This is model specific, not all vehicles / gearboxes will allow this. 

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DSG Gearbox Tuning

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