OBD Remapping / Tuning

OBD Remapping / Tuning

This is the most common form of ECU Remapping to date. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. Most vehicles since the early 2000’s have an OBD socket located inside the vehicle. Lots of manufactures fit them under the dash, just above the throttle pedal, some are in the middle between the driver and passenger seat and some are even in the passenger footwell.

Remapping / Tuning via the OBD socket is the least invasive way of tuning a vehicle. The bonnet doesn’t need to be opened, the ECU is left completely untouched. Nothing is disconnected etc. It’s all done via a laptop, connected to a serial interface which connects your vehicle. The process is very simple. Once all the connections are in place, we read the data from your ECU. Modify it as necessary and then reload the data back on to your ECU.

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