ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

We are at the forefront of our industry when it comes to ECU remapping. We bespoke design all our own software in house to help us stay in this position. Before any tuning takes place, we carry out an intensive multi-point health check to ensure the manufacture reliability comes hand in hand with the added performance and efficiency. After the health check we download the data from your vehicle and store it on our secure dedicated server. Once we have the data, we carefully analyse all the parameters and build your new data that is remapped ready to upload back to the vehicle. Once the new data is applied to your vehicle, we then carry out extensive data logging to examine how the vehicle is running in its remapped state.

Advantages of Remapping Your Vehicle:

  • Increased vehicle power
  • Easier overtaking
  • Smoother driveability
  • Increased MPG (saving you money on fuel)
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved towing abilities
  • and more!
Boot ECU Remapping Tuning

ECU Remapping Explained

Many vehicles since the late 1990’s run electronic management now known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU has the most significant role in the whole vehicle. It can process millions of calculations a second. This includes knowing when best to fire a spark plug or inject fuel based on the exact position of the piston in the cylinder. The ECU uses inputs from certain sensors (camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, MAF sensor, lambda sensors etc) to then output commands to parts like the spark plugs, injectors, throttle valve, turbochargers etc. The ECU does this by looking up data in tables and then making calculations to best determine the output command. When remapping a vehicle, we recalibrate these tables to allow the ECU to generate more efficient power from the engine.

Bench ECU Remapping Tuning

Generic / Flash mapping

This is simple to explain, and the name gives it away. Generic means not relating to anything specific. More like a one size fits all. This term came about after tuning companies spent a long time tuning one vehicle and once finished, they would then sell this file repeatedly to be applied to lots of vehicles. This approach might not sound that bad right? Wrong. Engine components will always wear differently, no two vehicles / engines are completely identical. This can be due to mileage, service schedules, how they have been treated, climate etc. The list is almost endless. An example of this, say we have 2 vehicles, one has 10,000 miles, the other has 93,000 miles. These two vehicles may have left the factory in the same condition, but they will have had completely different lives.

Custom Remapping

The approach to custom remapping a vehicle is completely different. Again, with custom the name says a lot. If you had an extension on your house, it would be custom built. They could never use plans from another build on yours. It would never work. Custom tuning is a similar story. With a custom remap, a file is usually built for your vehicle, then once applied, as many parameters as possible are data logged from the engine with specialist diagnostic tools to analyse exactly how the engine is responding. Once this data is collected, the tuning file is adjusted to fix the discrepancies between what the file has requested and what the vehicle is doing. The tuning file is then applied back to the vehicle and further testing is carried out. This process runs in a full circle until the vehicle is correctly setup. This process can take 30 minutes up to a full day or even 2.

How Long Does ECU Remapping Take?

Our tuning service usually takes around 2 hours to complete on average. This is based on the specific vehicle as some can take around 1-2 minutes to read and write the ECU software, whereas others can take up to 1 hour just to read. This includes the pre-tuning health check, reading your vehicles ECU software, creating your new software, writing the new software to the vehicle and then data logging to confirm your vehicle is running healthy. Any further map adjustments may delay this if they are needed. We understand you may need to work to a tight deadline so please ask if you need a specific time and our team will do our best to give you a more accurate time frame. 

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