Rolling Road Tuning

Rolling Road Tuning

As part of our commitment to providing an all in one tuning service. We have teamed up with internationally recognised Dyno Developments so we can offer front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive dyno tuning. The rolling road is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire just off the A1. The state of the art machine can run up to 2400 BHP (1200 BHP per axle). During any dyno tuning or power run we can log and analyse brake horse power (BHP), wheel horse power (HP), flywheel and wheel torque in either LBFT (Pound feet) or NM (Newton-Meter), Air to fuel ratio in either AFR or Lambda, boost pressure in BAR or PSI and much more. Contact us to today to see how we can assist with your rolling road needs.

Advantages of Rolling Road Tuning

The aim for us has always been to offer a one stop tuning service to cater to any of our customers needs. To compliment our mobile tuning service, we offer our rolling road service. Dyno / Rolling road tuning is essential for certain customers we work with who race or track their vehicles regularly. It is also available for all of customers who would like a printout before and after tuning to keep with their records, inform their insurance or just so they have the power figures on paper.

Our process is remarkably simple. Firstly, we safely secure your vehicle into the rolling road test bed. We then carry out 2 to 3 power runs to give us a base line of the how the vehicle is performing before any tuning commences. This data is then used to make sure the vehicle is performing as it should be and inform us if its weaker or stronger in certain areas. The tuning process then begins and we keep adjusting the ECU until the vehicle is running correctly. Once this is all finalised we then release the vehicle from the rolling road test bed and present you with your new driving experience!

Power Run / Diagnostic Testing

From time to time vehicles don’t always run as they should do and issues can arise. As part of our rolling road services we can also offer a power run or diagnostic testing to help get to the root cause of your problem. Sometimes you can have lack of power, intermittent power, misfires, flat spots, engine lights etc. We can safely secure your vehicle into the test bed and carry out 2-3 power runs to collect some data and help pinpoint the problem. Where possible, we will also provide you with a graph with figures, air to fuel ratio and boost pressure so you can keep a record in the event of future diagnostic testing. This way you can ensure you have resolved the problem and your vehicle is back to performing at its peak!

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