Rolling Road Tuning

As part of our commitment to providing an all in one tuning service, we have teamed up with Dyno Developments to offer Rolling Road / Dyno Tuning. The Rolling Road we use is based in Stevenage and is a state of the art machine capable of running up to 2400HP! We can run FWD, RWD or 4WD vehicles. We can log BHP, HP, LBFT, NM, AFR, Lambda, Boost, Vacuum and much more.

Benefits of Rolling Road Tuning

We aim to provide a one stop service for your tuning needs. Alongside our mobile tuning service, we also offer rolling road tuning on a 4WD state of the art rolling road. If you would like your vehicle tuned on the rolling road test bed and have print outs before and after then this is the option for you. We will safely strap your vehicle into the rolling road test bed and then carry out a power run to see how it is performing. After this, we will then begin tuning and once finished we will present you with your new driving experience!



Part of our rolling road service we can also offer a complete diagnostic test on the test bed. If you feel your vehicle is not running as it should be, feel like its lacking in power or you are just curious to see what power your vehicle is running and want to get it checked. Please feel free to get in touch and we can do a health check to see how it is performing. Part of this health check also involves having around 3 power runs on the rolling road to ensure we end up with a consistent result and get to see exactly how the vehicle is performing under load. At the end of the testing you will receive a printout graph with power and torque. We can include boost and air to fuel ratio where possible.

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