Speed Limiters

Speed Limiters

Why Do Vehicles Have Speed Limiters?


Lots of vehicles from the factory have a speed limiter applied for many reasons. Some of them are for safety reasons, some are for work vehicle purposes. As part of our tuning process (or separately) we can add or remove speed limiters to most vehicles. If you need a speed limiter added to protect your fleet of vehicles or you have purchased a used vehicle with a speed limiter you need removed.

Speed Limiter Removal Tool

How We Adjust Your Speed Limiter.

Our speed limit solution all depends on the specific vehicle and how it was programmed from the factory. Most vehicles store the limit inside the ECU (Engine control unit). Using our specialist diagnostic and tuning tools we can access this limit and change or remove it completely. Some vehicles are programmed with the limiter from the factory and some are added after from fleet companies or businesses. Some high power European vehicles have a gentlemen’s agreement whereby they are limited to 155MPH | 250KM/H. Whether your limit is in a van at 70MPH or a sports car with a 155MPH limiter we can remove this for you.

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