Vauxhall Astra SRI Turbo tuned in Portsmouth.

The owner of this Astra had bought the vehicle as a non runner and had a big list of problems to sort. After changing a whole host of parts of the car, it still wasn’t running right. The last piece of the puzzle was the mapping.

We booked the customer in and went out to the vehicle to health check it and set it up to where it needed to be.

Upon initial diagnosis we found something instantly worrying. The software numbers off of the ECU matched a Zafria GSi ECU, not the original ECU that was fitted to this Astra from the factory. This means there was a strong chance the tuning on this vehicle wasn’t in anyway related to what the vehicle should be running. Like running an eBay tune.

We read the map from the ECU and found the following:

– The injectors were not scaled in correctly.
– The wastegate duty cycle tables had been adjusted for what we suspect was a weak actuator on the previous vehicle.
– WOT (Wide open throttle) fueling had been adjusted to add about 20% more fuel. This wasn’t needed at all for this vehicle and made it run extremely rich.
– Ignition tables had nearly 12 degrees advance added to it, this is wayyyyy more than the engine could handle and was maxing out the factory ECU retard limits.

Once we found out all of this, we just knew this car would run a lot better once the map was setup correctly. We applied our map to the vehicle and instantly the customer noticed it was smoother, more drivable and pulled hard and consistent.

Once setup this vehicle ran around 290BHP based on datalog calculations. The customer was so happy and starting to fall back in love with his vehicle. This is what it’s about for us. Running a business is nothing if you cannot touch people’s lives on a daily basis!

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