Vauxhall Astra VXR tuned in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Firstly, we did a full health check on this VXR to ensure everything was as it should be to ensure a smooth tuning process. During this we found the following:

– Faulty one valve on rocker cover
– Kinked actuator vacuum pipe
– Incorrect spark plugs fitted

We also found some other issues with the vehicle but only needed to advise on them. These included:

– Small blow from exhaust
– Front tyres low tread / cracking
– Coilpack plug damaged.

After this, the customer had some Deka 630cc injectors for us to fit. We replaced the one way valve, replaced the vacuum pipe on the actuator, changed the spark plugs for the correct items and then fitted the customers injectors.

We then tuned this VXR on the sport button as the customer requested. This made around 292BHP.

SM Tuning – www.smtuning.co.uk

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys. We have been manic busy and struggled to find time. Have a good weekend!

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