Vauxhall Zafira GSi tuned in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

We travelled over 200 miles each way to take our tuning services to the door of this customer. He had used us before on a previous vehicle a few years back and now wanted us to tune this.

The ECU was already tuned in this Zafira, but it was a flash map taken from the internet etc.. The list of things wrong with this map on this car was endless…

– Knock sensor deleted
– Both lambda sensors deleted
– Coolant temp sensor deleted
– scaled for a stock map sensor but running a 3 bar
– VXR injectors scaled wrong.
– Using the cruise control caused the car to accelerate at full speed instead of maintaining the current speed.

This is becoming more and more common these days, people flashing maps on vehicles with £10 tuning tools and £5 internet maps. It is dangerous and not good for your engine one bit. The owner of this car just knew something wasn’t right with it.

The turbo was weak on this car, but we still managed to get the car setup correctly and back to running how it should be! It’s now producing around 260BHP. With plans for more once the turbo has been fixed.

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