Vivaro B / Trafic 3 Tuning

We have spent a long time developing fully custom remaps for the latest Vivaro B and Trafic models running the 1.6 R9M engines. There are two main turbo setups from factory on these engines, one is single turbo (R9M 408/413) and the other is Bi-Turbo (R9M 450/452). These engines come from the factory in the following variants:

R9M 408 / 413

1.6 90BHP Euro 5
1.6 115BHP Euro 5
1.6 95BHP Euro 6
1.6 120BHP Euro 6

R9M 450 / 452

1.6 120BHP Euro 5
1.6 140BHP Euro 5
1.6 125BHP Euro 6
1.6 145BHP Euro 6

We have the following options available on all models…

– Launch control set at your desired RPM
Switchable mapping via the ECO Button (where possible)
– Larger MAF/AFM and MAP Sensor scaling (if needed)
– Torque limiting in the lower gears to protect the drivetrain
– Idle RPM Adjustments to help the engine warm up in the cold (Example: 1150RPM idle when below 50c instead of 850RPM).
– Reduced RPM limiters when cold to protect engine when warming up (Example: 3000RPM rev limit below 50c instead of none).
– Speed limiter removal or addition
– EGR Solutions

All of the tuning is carried out via the OBD port, the ECU is not required to be removed for tuning. Listed below are the Stage 1 Figures we have available for these engines:

R9M 408 / 413

1.6 90BHP Euro 5 > Tuned 145BHP
1.6 115BHP Euro 5 > Tuned 145BHP
1.6 95BHP Euro 6 > Tuned 145BHP
1.6 120BHP Euro 6 > Tuned 145BHP


R9M 450 / 452

1.6 120BHP Euro 5 > Tuned 175BHP
1.6 140BHP Euro 5 > Tuned 175BHP
1.6 125BHP Euro 6 > Tuned 175BHP
1.6 145BHP Euro 6 > Tuned 175BHP

If you have a Vivaro / Trafic and are interested in a fully custom remap then get in touch today. There are many reasons as to why you might want to get your van remapped (better economy, better pulling power etc). The above figures are only a guide line, some vehicles make more and some make less. We can give you (within reason) what power you require. We own one of these Vivaro’s as part of our fleet and use it daily. We understand the importance of reliability, driveability and miles per gallon instead of chasing peak numbers.

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